The Rapidly Changing Golf Media Landscape I

In the golf media world, the denial may have lasted a bit longer than it did elsewhere, but today even the die hard print evangelists are recognizing...if not fully embracing... the internet.

There's no denying that the economic downturn...the major one that began circa September...added a certain urgency to what was an inevitable shift. Over just the past few months I've seen veritable tsunami of golf publishers... both established and brand new, rushing in... They're creating and revamping and enhancing their sites while hastily creating Facebook and Twitter accounts and attempting to understand these new media platforms.

This is a huge topic. One that elicits substantial emotion, and one with far reaching implications for both consumers and producers of golf content. I'll be exploring it here later today as I update this post. In the meantime, if anyone... reader or writer... has an observation, comment or opinion I'd love to hear it.