Birthday Bargains at Pink Golf Tees

Happy 1st Birthday PGT!

In one short year, Pink Golf Tees has become much more than an on-line retailer for ultra-cute golf stuff; thanks to hands-on founder and CEO, Jennifer Wentworth, it's a community.

Jen's a blogger and a social networker. I meet up with her all over the internet, especially in places where subjects like women's golf, golf fashion and the LPGA are being discussed. Her passion for the game of golf is obvious...and contagious. And she's got great taste, so when you head to her shop you know you'll find an amazing collection.

The Pink Golf Tees site is user-friendly to the max and I had no trouble finding the unique independent apparel and accessorie brands I love; like Pahr Golf, Ame & Lulu and Death to Argyle (yeah, I adore argyle but I love Death to Argyle - go figure). If you're in the market for equipment, you'll find some of the most innovatively stylish gear anywhere. Brands that'll get you attention AND performance, like Sweet Spot Oh yes, and guys: Jennifer hasn't forgotten you. She's got men's stuff, and it's as unique and edgy as her girl's gear.

Here's the best: to celebrate turning one, Pink Golf Tees is offering 10% off on all orders of ladies apparel, accessories and bags, through the month of January. Just enter the code Birthday1 at checkout. So, happy shopping... and Happy Birthday Pink Golf Tees.