Skimpy, See-Through Top Banned Down Under

A dress code controversy is brewing in Melbourne, and though it involves tennis not golf, I think it's worth noting, because our sport often grapples with issues of attire ... and, well...because I love a good dress code controversy.

Today's attire quagmire is taking place at the Australian Open, and the subject is Alize Cornet, a pretty French teenager, currently her country's top player. Alize who turns 19 on January 22, has been know to push the proverbial envelope, with both her aggressive game and her tiny little (ultra-cute) outfits. Well, this time it looks like she may have pushed a bit too far.

The daring demoisselle caused a stir last week at the Hopman Cup, an event leading up to the Open, when she wore what was described as a revealing, see-through top during a doubles match, and now female tennis stars are being asked to cover up...or risk a $2,000 fine in Melbourne.

This must a disappointment to those girls (I'm thinking...Serena) who planned to wear something wonderfully risque, not to mention the legions of male fans who's taste in tennis attire tends towards the short, skimpy and skin tight...preferably sweat-drenched, and worn sans undergarments.

Could things get this crazy in professional golf... with fines imposed and officials doubling as fashion police? - I don't think so. Not for a while anyway. Despite the (welcome) arrival of sexier fairway fashions, golf is still quite a bit more covered-up than tennis, and I don't see the current crop of LPGA players...or apparel makers... pushing hard for more revealing styles.

Though I'm quite certain some many most of their male fans wouldn't object too vehemently if they did.