The Golf Girl's Missing Links - A Blog Roll Vanishes

It was a busy day here at Golf Girl Media and unfortunately, we had a rather substantial mishap in the technology department.

It started when my husband intern gallantly volunteered to help with a long delayed project: updating and refining the Golf Girl's Diary blogroll. For over a year now I've wanted to make it more user-friendly by removing the no longer active blogs, and categorizing the remaining blogs, thus making it easier for readers to find what want.

It promised to be time consuming and tedious task as the list was over 100 blogs long thus it was continually put off. That is until Mr. GolfGirl my intern offered to tackle the project. And he labored through it, removing the lapsed blogs and organizing the remainder into several succinct categories. But then something went terribly wrong.

As you probably surmised, at the end of the process an incorrect button was clicked and the entire list disappeared. Needless to say, my husband intern was summarily fired.

But now I have to put the list back together again. I'm going start trying to piece it back as best I can by memory. I'll add blogs as I go along, then in the next couple of days, I'm hoping to put up a submission form that you can use to easily send me your blog's name and link. In the meantime if you'd like to send it to me in an email that would be fine too.

The girl's golf blogs and the foreign language golf blogs were not affected. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by Nick my former intern.