Save Your Logo - Lacoste Steps Up for Biodiversity

When Cristie Kerr takes to the tees at the Honda LPGA Thailand later this week, she'll be accompanied by a small green crocodile. The iconic Lacoste logo has become as much a part of the beautiful blonde champion's style, as the multi-hued polos it adorns.

And Cristie's crocodile won't be alone at the Siam Country Club, Lorena Ochoa and Yani Tseng will be sporting theirs too. The three LPGA stars are LACOSTE ambassadors, representing the renowned French lifestyle brand.

As the girls get ready to hit the fairways, Lacoste announced its participation in the “Save Your Logo” campaign, a new initiative that allows private companies or institutions, to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity on the planet by committing to the protection of the animal that represents their logo. The Global Environment Facility (GEF), the World Bank and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) are behind this initiative launched in October 2008.

For over 75 years a crocodile has been the LACOSTE logo. Now the brand will actively support projects selected by the GEF to safeguard or protect the endangered crocodile, alligator, caiman or gavial species, whose loss would jeopardize the biological balance of their natural habitats and impact life well beyond their particular ecosystem.

LACOSTE is one of the international brands most clearly associated with an animal. The brand’s commitment to the preservation of crocodiles seems natural as this animal is part of LACOSTE’s history and identity. Nicknamed "the Crocodile" because of his tenacity on the courts, René Lacoste, the famous tennis champion, had the idea in the late 1920s, to embroider a crocodile on the shirts he designed, thus creating the first polo shirt ... and the first logo to be visibly displayed on a garment.

I've written about Lacoste more than any other apparel brand. I love Lacoste's distinctive history and their commitment to causes that benefit all of us. Their elegant, athletic apparel and accessories are a pleasure to wear and the LACOSTE ambassadors happen to be my absolute favorite golfers.

For more information on the "Save Your Logo” campaign, you can visit the Save Your Logo Website.

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