Gwladys Nocera - New Media Golfer Wins in NZ

She's a Facebook friend and a dedicated blogger, a French girl who played college golf in New Mexico while earning a degree in international business. Gwladys Nocera is one of the world's top golfers, and she won on a windswept course yesterday, at the New Zealand Women's Open.

My French husband discovered Gwladys' blog last spring and we've been following it ever since. She posts regularly, in an ultra heartfelt, slice-of-life style that reveals the glories... and the hardships... of her life as a professional golfer. The language of the blog is, of course, French, so you may need to brush up on what you learned back in high school. But Gwladys also posts lots of photos, videos and just random bits about her hobbies and interests (the bits about French cuisine are particularly appetising).

The photo of Gwladys above, is by another ultra-talented citizen of France, Patrick Micheletti. Patrick captures golf and golfers like no one else, often finding the unique detail or magical moment that makes a really memorable photograph. Patrick's daily photoblog has long been a favorite of mine and I'd highly recommend it to any fan of professional golf. Oh, and of course there, no translation is needed.