Sharpie's Golf Inspired Marker Marketing

I don't know about you, but I've wasted spent hours doodling on virtual golf balls at the Mark your Titleist site.

My '08 masterpiece was a girly, pink petaled flower, meant to stop a competitive macho male playing partner from laying claim to my occasional stellar shot. And I was quite proud of my flirty flower till I saw some of the other artful ball marks. There were balls marked with hearts and happy faces and every known species of animal. Lots of people were spending lots of time marking their virtual Titleists. And many were probably inspired by the award winning commercial, featuring PGA and LPGA stars showing how they mark their balls and asking, "How do you Mark your Titleist?"

The campaign was talked about in living rooms and at the 19th hole during tournaments and written about in myriad golf blogs and websites. It's a great example of how a company can combine traditional and new media to engage with consumers and to get customers to spend time with their brand, online... and in this case... on the golf course.

Today I discovered that Sharpie, the marker you mark your ball with, has what seems to be a Titleist-inspired personalization page on their site that allows you to personalise your pens... and you can order a supply of your unique creations there as well.

Needless to say, I've now got pink Golf Girl Sharpies that match the pink flower on my Titleists.