Random Sunday Golf Tweets - Join the Conversation

Wouldn't you just love to weigh in on that one?

I've long been an evangelist for golf on Twitter. To me it's always seemed an excellent way to share this fun and fascinating game with all kinds of people; die-hard golf fanatics... or trepidicious beginners... or even golf haters. It's a great forum for discussion too. In short, succinct snippets.

It's also an effective way to get fresh golf news stories, and find out about happenings and events. And I love watching tournaments live and commenting on them in real time with friends or strangers.

I've been Twittering golf for about two years now, and I've referred to it numerous times here on GGD. For most of that time I've had trouble finding fellow "golf twitterers". The past couple of months however, have seen a virtual tsunami of... golf bloggers, golf manufactures, golf courses and golfers, flowing into Twitterville. And that makes for continual, multi-faceted golf gab, pretty much 24/7.

If you like to talk about golf, you probably want to sign up for Twitter too. Not only will you be able to encourage people like @glennm above, to choose golf over work, you'll also be able to:

Exchange opinions on professional golfers.

arrange to meet up with other golf fans in real life at tournaments.

Find out how others are fueling up for their golf lessons.

And discuss emerging golf niche markets. (humor abounds on Twitter)

Coming Soon: An awesome new ebook, "Golf Twittering: Golf Girl's Guide to Perfecting your Twitter Game"