Tiger Woods and the The Evolutionary Perspective

OK, here's the theory: bonding with family can really mess up a guy's golf game.

Some are surmising it wasn't a rusty swing, or a residual knee twinge that resulted in Tiger's disappointing performance at Accenture Match Play, but rather his "over-investment" in marriage and fatherhood... and a resulting testosterone plunge.

The theory's part of the "Evolutionary Perspective", and there's actual science to back it up. By science I mean an experiment conducted by medical anthropologist Peter Gray and a team from the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University. The study involved Boston men their saliva.

It turns out the guys who were really into their families...the ones who were spouse-centered and passionate about parenting... had significantly lower levels of salivary testosterone. ~And here's the thing: lower testosterone levels make a guy mellow. Mellow as in: less aggressive, less intense and less competitive. Furthermore, a new baby takes the T down as low as it goes. So little Charlie Axel theoretically sealed Tiger's fairway fate at Match Play a couple of days ago.

Stellar science writer Jena Pincott, author of the provocative and fascinating Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes? breaks it down on her blog, in Why Tiger Woods Lost.

The theory is indeed compelling, however I'm pretty sure Mr. Woods will prevail this season. I'm guessing the testosterone deprived Tiger has the skill and talent to easily override evolution.