Armchair Golf Blog Entertains and Keeps it Real

Behind most independent golf blogs you'll find a person...most often just one person...who's passionate about golf and loves to write.

If both ingredients aren't there, the blog won't last. It'll sputter along in a series of sporadic posts... ever less frequent... till it it stops, leaving a last post to mark the end of an effort.

To write every day, even about a subject you love, requires a drive and dedication... and even that doesn't, in itself, engage an audience. What does is something more intangible; a combination of the right voice, the right stories and, as cliched as it sounds, Je ne sais quoi.

The Armchair Golfer, Neil Sagebiel, has the intangibles... in just the right quantities...which is why his Armchair Golf Blog always comes up as one of the top independent golf blogs. He's got a large and loyal following that...I'm guessing... appreciates the fact that he's consistent and always on-topic, has a sense of humor that entertains without offending and covers golf in a way that appeals to beginners and purists alike. This, I know from experience, is not easy to do.

If, by some chance, you haven't read Neil's blog, definitely do. You'll undoubtedly become a regular, and right now there's an added incentive to pay a visit; Mr. Armchair is giving away an autographed copy of the hardcover edition of "Follow the Roar", the amazing book by Bob Smiley.

Here in New England, with an impending snow storm on the way, Armchair Golf sounds just about perfect to me.