Boston Weekend - Golf Expo Stories - Gina Cigar


Meredith Marie Dreyer is fun, flirty and fashionable. She loves golf... and golfers... and spends lots of time on golf courses.

She also knows how to clip and light a cigar with exceptional flair. That's part of what she does for Gina Cigar, an innovative Boston based company, run by Gina Rogers, another attractive Bostonian.

The company offers an unique way to personalize a charity or corporate golf tournament. A way that involves fun, friendly cigar girls like Meredith, and premium Gina cigars.

The girls participated in over 100 charity and corporate golf events in 2008, on some of the best golf courses in New England. Their events involved celebrity athletes from The New England Patriots and the Boston Bruins as well as actors like Matt Damon and Denis Leary. The professionalism of their team and the quality of their events have garnered them recognition as one New England's best ways to enhance a golf tournament.

Gina's website has all the deets, so check it out if you're looking for a way to make your tournament more fun... and more fruitful. And the Gina girls are social media savvy too. They've got their own blog, Golf Girls of New England. I can certainly relate to that title.

I met Meridith and Gina at The Boston Golf Expo where we spent the day on Friday. Gina Cigar was among the many local and national companies offering the latest in golf equipment, apparel, accessories and services. I'll be featuring more of what I discovered at the Boston Golf Expo over the coming days.

I also look forward to telling you about Women on Course, a women's golf networking organization that really gets it right. I joined them on Friday night for a superlative Happy Hour event at Flemings.

It was only 48 hours...and it was still rather wintery...but my Boston weekend definitely revolved around golf. I guess that's why they call me I call myself the Golf Girl.