Women on Course - Enjoy The Golf Lifestyle Together

“Golf is more than a game, it’s a lifestyle.”

That's the tagline for Women on Course, a series of unique national networking events, and an online golf club...for gals.

I've been curious about Women on Course for a while now, as I often encounter their green and orange logo in my meanderings across the golf blogosphere. Each time I do I'm intrigued by the images of attractive women playing golf or sipping wine. Golf and wine being two of my favorite things in world, I felt like this might very well be an organization for me. So when I found out there was an event in Boston I made sure I cleared my calendar. And I wasn't disappointed.

It was last Friday evening, and it was a happy hour at Fleming's, an outstanding Boston steakhouse where they serve 100 different wines by the glass. There I met Donna Hoffman the founder of Women on Course and she gave me an overview of the organization.

Donna is very attractive and has a fun, friendly attitude that makes her the perfect hostess at an event like this. She began by telling me she how surprised she had been a couple of years ago when she began playing golf with her husband...and found she really liked it.

As she began to fall in love with the golf lifestyle Donna, a television producer, thought she might develop a show around it. That was in 2005 and what started as a golf lifestyle television pilot has grown into a series of popular golf-related networking events in 16 major U.S cities.

The happy hours feature guest speakers (ours was a presentations called Master the Wine List by Brian Deshler, one of Fleming's ultra knowledgable sommeliers) contests, food and wine along with unbeatable networking opportunities. The golf events include golf clinics by a certified pros, club fittings and golf activities to suit all skill levels. As Donna puts it, “Rather than focus on the time and commitment it takes to achieve a low handicap, we highlight the business and social benefits of the game. Many of the women who attend an event, are already using golf for business and they might not even swing a club.”

Both formats are ultra-inclusive and provide women with a comfortable environment to become acquainted with the benefits of golf, as well as connect them with others who share a passion for the game.

Currently less then 25% of all golfers are women, and many who try to get into the game, are soon discouraged, and ultimately quit. Women on Course aims to increase the number starting, and decrease the number quitting, by helping women connect with golf resources... and each other.

My first event was awesome. I just became a member, and I look forward to future events. I also hope to work with Donna to expand Women on Course and allow more potential golf gals to participate. I'll keep you posted. Tell me this doesn't look fun: