Design Your Own Golf Course With Line Golfer

Don't ask me how I stumbled upon this little...diversion... but I wish I hadn't.

It's a game, and in the best of circumstance games can entertain you, while decimating all your good intentions to get lots of work done. Normally I avoid games for just that reason; I don't want to find myself missing an important deadline while gobbling up the current Pac-Man record.

Be it the seductive lure of a first person shooter or the nastolgia of an arcade classic, most of the time I just stay away from games in my on-line meanderings.

But this one intrigued me. "Design and play your own golf course!" said the blinking banner for a game called Line Golfer. How could I resist that, right?

2 hours, and at least a dozen attempts later, I have neither designed a decent course, nor played a decent round on one of he monstrosities I did manage to come up with. I'm really frustrated and what I want to know is: can anyone have a satisfying experience with Line Golfer. Would Pete Dye or Tom Fazio or ...Tiger Woods be able to do anything remotely impressive with it? I think not but then I think, maybe it's me. It reminded me of using an old-school etch-a-scetch. I kept coming up with drawings that looked...obscene. They looked like the art work I used to see on the bathroom door at the hangout next to our high school.

If anyone's not afraid of waisting an hour or three on a frustrating game. Stop by Line Golfer and let me know what you come up with.