GoDaddy Golfer Anna Rawson's Brand-Identity Crisis

I don't know about you, but to me it seems Anna Rawson has a bit of a brand-indenty crisis going on.

On the one hand she seems to be targeting the discerning, luxury market, with an elegant, high fashion image; her flash-laden website has a classy couture vibe and in tournaments she projects a conservatively sophisticated look, often wearing the type of wide brimmed visors or hats that you see on society matrons at country club lunches.

Even when Anna's in short shorts and spike heels she manages to look amazingly aristocratic, rather than...bootylicious, for lack of a better word. But you know what I mean, right? It's not only her ultra-long, ultra-slim body build and patrician features either. it's her personal style and demeanor as well. I've got to admit I never found "hot" pictures of Anna Rawson to be "hot". Beautiful? Yes. Elegant? yes. Hot? no. And I assumed that was the brand identity she saw for herself and wished to cultivate. I assumed that was the Anna Rawson image.

So I was surprised by her decision, announced yesterday in Phoenix, to become a GoDaddy Girl. To me the GoDaddy image seems the antithesis of the Anna Rawson image.

She joins three other GoDaddy Girls... Nascar champion Danica Patrick, Wrestler/Model/Actress, Candace Michelle, and Poker star Vanessa Russo... all beautiful, accomplished women, but decidedly not high fashion, elegant or aristocratic. To me, they are the quintessential GoDaddy Girls, and Anna simply is not.

I think it's great for Bob Parsons and his brand and I imagine it's calculated on his part to reach the "classy, moneyed golf demographic". However, I'm not sure how it will pan out for Anna. Might not luxury sponsors find her tainted by her association with the bawdy GoDaddy brand and the controversial Mr. Parons? At the same time will her sophisticated personal style ever really resonate with mass marketers?

I can imagine potential sponsors on both side asking; Is she a high brow, high fashion, muse to the champagne sipping, luxury market? Or a low brow, uber-sexy, good old girl for the beer swilling masses?

I think both images have great marketing value but I'm not sure one can combine them successfully.

In this era of sparse sponsorship dollars perhaps the GoDaddy offer was too sweet to resist... or perhaps Anna and her handlers surmised that she could, in fact, appeal to the two different markets.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out going forward.