The Golf Chick is Back & Her Choice is Cristie Kerr

I'm happy to note that a certain little yellow chick is back in the blogosphere after a hiatus that seemed much too long.

I'm talking of course, about The Golf Chick, and I'm quite sure that anyone who's been reading golf blogs for more than a year is has truly missed her humor and insight over these last several months.

When I first entered the golf blogging fray over two years ago I was immediately inspired by Kristen (that's the chick's name)... her ability to find fascinating golf stories...and recount them in a particularly spirited style.

So when I saw she was posting again I was ...well...really happy. Yesterday she wrote about playing a golf video game, which I'm assuming was the new Tiger Woods'09. Kristen had chosen Cristie Kerr as her player, which didn't surprise me at all. The Golf Chick has written on several ocassions of her admiration for the fabulous Ms.Cristie.

But the funny part...and with the Golf Chick there's always a funny part... came when a fellow player proposed she different pro for her character. A pro by the name of ...Natalie Goobless. Of course the humor of this "mispronunciation" wasn't lost on Kristen and in the end she had a good laugh...and invented helped popularize the word "goobs".

A voice like The Golf Chick's is one you don't find too often. Please join me in welcoming her back.