Golfsmith Invites You to Win With Sergio Garcia

Beautiful Kristen Bentz, the Talented Blonde retail expert I refer to regularly on these pages, tweeted me a quick heads-up on Friday afternoon.

She... like me... is a big fan of a certain sexy Spaniard by the name of Sergio, and she wanted to make sure I (and you) knew about Golfsmith's current promotion. It's a pretty provocative one; You buy one of the new TaylorMade drivers, and if Sergio Garcia wins the Masters, that driver is free.

It just so happens Sergio is my pick to win this year... and while I'm not currently in the market for a new driver, I know a man who is. To be honest, this particular man is always in the the market for a new driver, but currently he's eying the TaylorMade R7 limited driver. Naturally, he's not in agreement with me about Sergio's chances but thus far we've not found a similar promotion with Tiger so I think he's going to go for it and as a result he'll probably be joining my El Nino fan club come early April.