Another Day - Another Sergio Garcia Post

As you may have noticed, I don't normally do two-in-a-row postings. Generally, I like to keep it eclectic around here.

Though my topic is always golf, I try to change it up a little each day. If I do something serious on a Monday, I like to go light on Tuesday. If I do fashion on Wednesday I might profile a pro on Thursday. Like that, because most people I know like variety. So it's rare that you see the same topic or the samd company or the same person featured here two days in a row.

Today, however I just couldn't resist a second-in-a-row Sergio feature. One of my readers... the always astute Charles Boyer... though clearly not a Sergio fan himself, was kind enough to bring yet another Sergio Garcia promotion to my attention. And this one's really fun. It revolves around the Players Championship where Mr. Garcia will defend his title in May, and lets fans vote to choose a second round outfit for the swarthy Spainiard.

The promotion is called Dress Sergio and it's being put on by the PGA Tour. In addition the dressing the (arguably) adorable El Nino, there are lots of great prizes to be won too, so head over to the PGA Tour site, pick a lucky outfit and help dress Sergio.

BTW, I happen to know a couple/few ladies who wouldn't mind undressing him, but I don't think there's a promotion for that.