Mass Customization for Spring Golf Range Wear

You're going to hate me for this, but here's another awesome way to waste spend an hour... or three.

Mass Customization is all the rage these days, as is DIY, and when the two come together, expect a monumental time suck. You've just got to hope it results in something pretty. Or cute, or sexy or cool. Like this hoodie I... designed... and the Puma shoes I "cooked" up to go with it. They're perfect for damp, chilly Spring days at the driving range, where I've been spending a fair amount of time lately.

The sweatshirt is from Champion, and you can create your own at their Hoodie Remix site. One creation will actually be produced by Champion too.

For the shoes you'll need to go to PUMA's amazing Mongolian Shoe BBQ. There you'll be able to choose from three shoe models to customize in myriad ways. Then you just place an order. For your own unique design.

OK, I won't keep you any longer because I'm guessing the urge to DIY, and Mass Customize, is getting pretty overwhelming round about now.