Swing Easy, Hit Hard - Tempo for your Golf Swing

Balance and rhythm...timing and speed, these are all components of tempo and as any professional golfer will tell you, tempo is key for a good golf swing.

Have you ever rushed your swing and lost your balance? I have...many times... and there went solid contact and decent ball flight.

I worked hard on tempo last season and I'd like to think it would never be a problem for me again, but that's not realistic. Even players who have been playing at the highest level have to continually work on tempo. Each tiny adjustment you make to your swing can throw you off and you've got to work to get back into the swing of things - To help with that process, we've now got Tempo in Motion.

It's a great concept that allows you to download rhythmic clips of music that are designed to work with your particular swing. Tempo tunes rock your game!

It sounds like an awesome idea and I'm looking forward to using it help ME get swinging in these next couple of weeks.