Adidas ManCandy Ad - Is the Golf Shirt Swap Next?

Earlier today I came upon a visually stunning ad campaign that will almost certainly be talked about for more than the Adidas sports jerseys its built around. At least I think it's built around Adidas Sports Jerseys.

I, um, watched it... or more like played with it, for...let's say... a while. And I'm still not totally sure of: a) what exactly the product is, or b) who exactly the target market is. It's not the type of ad that lets you concentrate on those details.

Clearly this campaign is more about the brand than a particular product, and the brand is definitely there; the Adidas image of high-tech strength and bold modernism was prefectly projected by the site's stars; five attractive New Zealand rugby players.

The site is called Jersey Swap, and the highlight... where it get's really... compelling... is an animation that allows you to choose two of the players and have them swap Jerseys. ~ I'm not kidding they rip off their shirts and graciously exchange them. I could go into extraordinary detail here, about well defined pecs, rock hard triceps, tribal tattoos and lots of other things, but I won't. You can discover all of that here. But I will say, in my opinion, the cutest player is Ali, and the Slo-mo replay isn't "slo" enough.

Adidas sponsors a number of golfers, several of whom have the physical attributes for such a campaign. Could that be next... a golf shirt swap? It's doubtful. A rugby player friend of mine told me that soccer and rugby players often swap jerseys after a game and that's what this is based on.

I've never seen this pracitce taking place after a golf tournament which, depending on who's in the field, might very well be a good thing.

via Lazy Circles