Condi Covers Tiger for The Daily Beast

Ours is an era of topsy turvy transformation when it comes to media.

Acclaimed newspapers... with mastheads full of Pulitzer prize winning journalists... are routinely scooped by rogue bloggers who's best asset is their agility. Most of our news breaks on Twitter... or appears there within seconds of appearing elsewhere. In multiple posts of 140 characters or less.

The Daily Beast is the quintessential product of our current media mash up; a website published by Tina Brown, former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker and I'm not ashamed to admit that it's pretty much how I get my news these days. Then I proceed to my Google reader and the 50 or 60 golf blogs that appear there daily. There's not a lot of golf in The Daily Beast and I frequently fantasize about becoming the golf curator or editor there, or even just an occasional golf contributor. But it looks like my job's been taken. By former Secretary of State, Condoleza Rice.

Condi was trailing Tiger over the weekend and reports on it today in TDB. She writes well, refers to her own personal encounters with Tiger and Phil, and looks great in a visor.

Needless to say I'm now resigned to my job at Golf Girl's Diary and my fantasies of a golf column at The Daily Beast.