Amy Alcott, the LPGA's Original "Lady of the Lake"

During her distinguished LPGA career, Amy Alcott was known as a creative shot maker and as a woman who played golf "with an uncanny feel for the right shot - and the guts to pull it off".

With the exception of founder Dinah Shore, no one is more connected to The Kraft Nabisco Championship, and as the final round of the 2009 event begins this morning, it's a sure bet that the contenders have each been inspired by Ms. Alcott. She not only won the Kraft Nabisco three times, she also started the lake leaping tradition that each year,e gives this tournament one of the most jubilant finishes in sports.

The first golf book I ever purchased, and one I often recommend, is Amy Alcott's Guide to Women's Golf. It's clear, ultra easy-to-follow and empowering. It's perfect for the many women I meet who equate golf with intimidation.

As the LPGA ladies played this week, on the frequently wind-buffeted course sometimes referred to as “Amy's Alley”, Amy herself was promoting a new book, “The Leaderboard: Conversations on Golf and Life,” in which she interviews famous people from Annika Sorenstam to President Bill Clinton, and uncovers some unexpected, unique and engaging golf stories.

Oh, and something else awesome that Amy's doing; she's Twittering...and blogging. With her accomplished friends Susan Hunt and Linda Giaciolli Amy's launching "GolfChix". Based on the trio's popular radio show from a couple of years ago, "GolfChix" looks to become the ultimate social for the ultimate social game. It's coming soon and is decidedly something for online golfers to look forward to. In the meantime you can follow the GolfChix on Twitter.

Despite all that's going on in her life one can't help thinking that Amy might not be entirely done with competing in the tournament she's so indelibly linked to. In fact, when asked recently about competing again Amy Alcott replied. “That aspect of your career never goes away. I guess you always set yourself up for a comeback.”