Kraft Nabisco Sink & Swim - LPGA's Clever Little Ad

When "Sink" and "Swim" appear in a sentence together separated by a conjunction, that conjunction is usually "or" and the sentence usually refers to a a situation where... you will either fail, or you will find a way to succeed.

Replace that "or" with "and" and the sentence no longer makes sense. Unless you happen to be talking about one particular LPGA Tournament.

That of course would be the Kraft-Nabisco Championship, the LPGA's first major of the season, where what's "sinking" are putts, and who ever sinks them best ... swims, in the brackish waters of Champion's Lake.

Despite the presence of mega-stars Lorena Ochoa and Michelle Wie, it's this witty twist on an oft-repeated cliche that really makes the ad above pop. A number people mentioned it to me this morning, online and in emails, including several who were neither golf fans nor players. The deceptively simple ad, was created by LPGA Marketing Veteran Tina Barnes-Budd, and as she told me earlier today, the idea was to take a small ad in a major newspaper and, in few words, get people to look beyond the obvious.

The thing is, this tournament, like so many other things the LPGA does, has a great back story; a colorful history that makes it entertaining even for those who don't follow golf. And though it may seem like a drop in the bucket - to use another well worn cliche - in these days of brand-evangelizing bloggers and viral Twitter Tweets, an intriguing tag-line... or an egaging snippet of copy... can go a long way.

Whether the message originates online or in more traditional media, with the right words, buzz grows incrementaly, through WOM Marketing that happens organically. I saw evidence of that today with this small, but effective ad.