Golf Apparel & Fairway Fashion at the 2009 Masters

Each year I try to do at least one post on fashion at the Masters.

The apparel sponsors often launch their player's new looks at the year's firs major, and many spectators seem to put special effort into their Augusta outfits. You see it when the cameras pan the crowd, and in man-on-the-fairway interviews... that extra touch of style. But, more about Augusta National street style later. Let's have a look at the pros.

Thus far, there have been no huge style statements from the pros at Augusta this week. Yesterday Camillo Villegas wore a shirt that perfectly matched the deep fuchsia azalea blossoms and looked great against Augusta's lush emerald fairways. Sergio Garcia sported a tangerine sweater and matching cap that had one #masters Twitterer wanting to call in the fashion police. (Personally, I think Sergio looks good in just about anything orange).

Stylish Japanese teenager, Ryo Ishikawa, did some nice things with the color green while Mr. Michelson (always much maligned by golf fashion watchers) was again called to task when he tried to rock a white belt.

When the topic is golf fashion I have to mention Ian Poulter. He's far less flamboyant than he was a couple of years ago and I imagine that's because he now wears his own Ian Poulter Designs, which he sells all over the world. The business of fashion being so highly competetive, each item needs to be "accessible" to a wide audience. That eliminates the ultra-outrageous looks of the past, but leaves plenty of room for distinction, and Ian's outfits are still the most distinctive in golf. IP Design offers a collection that's polished and functional but still quirkily hip. It's well presented at the website/online store, where you'll find the latest collections. There's lots engaging background content too, including Ian's blog and a section on his passion for plaid. Ian Poulter, even the toned down version, is as awesome as ever.

And now back to the gallery, where the styles are often much more interesting. With no sponsors to please the real people can mix it up in creative ways, and they often do. has an engaging slide show that presents head to toe overviews of some sixty spectator looks. They range from "yawn" to "yowza!" The latter is exactly how I'd describe the look at left, modeled by a lady who's husband is currently in contention for a jacket to match her green dress. Rory Sabatini is currently in a multi-player tie for sixth the gal in the flouncy spring frock is his inimitable wife Amy.

Other were not so daring as Amy and there was an amazing amount of J.Crew being worn which leads me to believe that first lady Michelle Obama will indeed be influencing apparel choices for the next several years. I love the outfit the gentleman above put together. Check out the slide show to see some of the gallery trends.

Now we've got some golf to watch and it promises to be exciting. I'm looking forward to a little more fashion action too. Let's hope the weekend wariors dress to impress.