An Awesome Golf Poet Inspires the Golf Girl

 If you're like me you often see poetry in golf.

I've seen it on an undulating green, dappled with late afternoon sun, and on a misty morning fairway, burnished with autumnal color. ~ But did you know that the golf magazines of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, magazines such as Golf, The Golfer, The American Golfer and Golf Illustrated & Outdoor America contained golf poems in almost every issue?

Leon S. White explores the longstanding links between golf and poetry in his delightful blog, Golf Course of Rhymes, an enchanting compilation of artful observations, peppered with poetry and full of little known facts.

For example, I never knew that the first golf poetry book published in the U.S. was called The Golf Girl by Samuel M. Peck (1854-1939), Alabama’s first poet laureate. And if you read the post, you'll find there's more to the story than that.

Golf Course of Rhymes is whimsical and revealing golf blog. One that will almost certainly leave you with a smile.