Golf Apparel Debate - Do Men Shop for Golf Clothes?

First of all, this is a post in progress...a "to be continued" conversation starter that I'll be elaborating on later today and in days to come.

Here's the thing: there's no denying that women are looking better than ever on the golf course these days. While it's still a struggle to get ladies to take up the game...and stick with it... most would agree that once gals get into golf, they get into golf fashion too.

Even the most no-nonsense competitive female golfers are somewhat susceptible to a well stocked pro shop. Women (generalization alert) put thought into what they wear, and how they look on the golf course. And they have tons of options. Where not long ago was little in the way of stylish women's golf apparel available, there are now legions companies producing golf apparel that works. From from the traditional to the ultra-trendy. Be it high-tech and performance focused, or blatantly sexy and body hugging, a women can find her own personal golf style. And you see ample evidence of this, on the tour pros and on average golfers.

But what about the guys? Are they going in the opposite direction?

That's what this piece in the suggests. The Times Leader is a publication out of Wilkes Barre PA but I see evidence of a similar trend where I play. and that's in and around New York City.

So what's the deal? Are today's golf guys abandoning stylish for...stodgy, stale and stereotypical? Are monochromatic lg/xlg polo shirts, boxy Khaki shorts and a baseball cap the new normal? Are the fairway-fashionable influences of Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Sam Snead completely irrelevant today? Or do guys just hate to shop? I intend to explore this further as golf season gets underway. Any input (particularly with photos) is welcome.


  1. I shop for golf clothes and have some stuff that I only wear when I go golfing.

  2. I care about what I wear to play golf. I like to wear something distinctive, even something a bit falshy (I have several pairs of plaid pants). I think if you're not in shape though you better go with the monochromatic look. ;p

  3. I look forward to hearing more about this since I have the same concerns and questions. One question I have is...

    Why do better golfers tend to dress better than hackers?

    Maybe you could add that to your thoughts and bring it back over to the Business Golf Country Club to enlighten the membership.

  4. Nice question! I think the article is a generalisation and therefore, mostly true but I definitely shop to look good on the golf course and I know others that do too.

    There's conserative people everywhere but perhaps there's a higher percentage on the golf course.

  5. This is an excellent topic. I wear golf shorts or khakis with a collared shirt every time I hit the links. I do it out of respect for the game, and for myself.

    I think there is some validity to the fact that better golfers have a tendency to dress better than those that may not be that skilled in the game.

    I am encouraged to see people taking up the sport, and the traditions that surround it.

  6. Colin Bykowski4/18/2009 4:07 PM

    Of course men shop for golf clothes unfortunately there are not a lot of good clothing lines out there right now. The line I am liking right now is Peak Performance - Check it out.

  7. Patricia,

    There is a solution? Sansabelt slacks by JayMar Ruby & Company. If they were good enough for the 1980's, they are good enough for the present...

    I did my own 'fashion thing' a few months ago (and it was not pretty)...!!!

    I apologize up front for the photos. Please do not throw eggs at the house. I hate scrubbing the siding...

  8. Unlike the stylish Kevin Costner, most of the men golfers I know, look predominantly the same on the golf course as they do the rest of the time. I'm sure that in the big city men are more concerned with their style. However, out here in small city America, golfing attire really doesn't seem to have much in the way of style at all, for men at least.

    However, we gals love to shop for just the right outfits for our game. I'm convinced that you will have a better game if you look good. Maybe that's just me, but if I don't feel like I look great, my game just isn't up to par, so to speak.

    My hubby always looks great on the course, but he looks nice all the time anyway. I'm not predjudiced, because he really does look good.

    I can't begin to tell you how much I cringe when I see someone in jeans on the course. I can't even believe our course allows jeans, as they don't allow women to wear a top with no collar & no sleeves. You can either wear a sleeveless top with a collar, or a collarless top with sleeves. So, why do they allow they the presence of blue jeans? I've asked them in the golf shop and no one can answer that question.

    Another strange aspect is that they carry around 50% more men's clothing items in the golf shop, than women's. I seldom find anything in the ladies corner that I would wear on the course, so I shop for golfing attire on the internet & when I'm out of town. Seriously, how crazy is that? If they carried a larger selection & better looking items, we'd all shop there in support of our club. And, believe me when I say that I spend a large chunk of money on my golf clothes every year, as do my gal pals. I've never even seen a man buying clothes in our golf shop, but apparently they do because there are new men's items constantly being put on the racks. The ladies get only a seasonal turnover, which leaves me scratching my head in wonder.

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  10. Great topic and now I really wish I had taken more photos today at Opening Day, but I got all caught up in trying to win. (No luck today, but great fun.)

    I was surprised by some of the trendy men's outfits I found. I saw one of the young hip pros sporting pink pants; an older gentleman mixing a striped shirt, argyle vest and window pane pants (it worked); and some updated mod argyle looks.

    Sure there was lots of monochrome, but several stood out. I think these men definitely bought for themselves. Hubbie and I both proudly sported white belts.

    I don't think one should ever limit themselves to what their pro shop sells. First, do you really want to wear the same look as everyone else at your course? Second, there are usually only a few collections per pro shop. I'd rather mix & match and branch out a bit.

  11. i think the bottom line is that men dress in slacks and a collar because they have to. by fulfilling the minimum requirements, the three others in your group can make fun of you for one less thing. perhaps the sponsors are requesting a drab background for their logos. me i dont care what anybody wears on the course. im canadian, isnt one of your amendments the right to dress like a slob at sporting events? but Jesper and Poulter and the ladies have the right idea. a snazzy golf outfit is like a power suit, it makes people nervous. if i was on tour, i would wear vests and ties. mark my words, the next mens fashion trend you see on the course will be a necktie with a tie clip. and if it isnt, well it should be. sheesh.

  12. L-O-V-E this topic. It's inpsiring me to do a post at NiceBallz about it.

    I could go on and on...lots of issues.

    Lack of product, lack of it the chicken or egg...if you build it (cool golf clothes) will they come (only if I can afford it the masses say).

    By in large though you're right MOST guys do the bare minimum which is sad and well, Fugly.

  13. I only wear Izod clothes when I golf and everything MUST match or I won't play well. I don't even wear jeans to the range.

    And as far as shopping goes; I can out shop any woman, any day.


  14. This topic is right up my alley...I have a women's golf merchandising business in MO & KS and the main reason I started it was because there were not any stylish & cute golf clothes for us to buy here! I only deal with the women...and believe me, if I could help the men, I would! Don't get me wrong there a FEW men in my area that know how to dress on the it public or high-end country club but I would say the majority could use a little tweak in their wardrobe.

    I agree with Snooty, you have to look good to play good!

  15. It's really sad that it's going the other way for men...yes, it will be a while before we'll see a Gregg Norman get ups or even do the Tiger woods' one...I don't understand...I know I started learning golf because I realized that women's fashion have changed a lot 15 years ago, but it's a wonder why men hasn't evolved or maintained especially now that Pro Golfers now are a lot more sassy than before.

  16. I definitely pay attention to what I am wearing on the golf course. I don't go all-out to the fashion heights of a one Ian Poulter, but I know I am better dressed than the old guy in your photo at the top.

    As for the commenters saying there are not any good golf-related fashion lines for men, I disagree. I've always thought Nike makes nice looking clothing, and lately I've found myself buying more Adidas apparel. Callaway is trying to get into the fashion game, but I think they're still way behind. I got some of their stuff through a pro-am last year. It's just ok.

  17. I'm definitely in the camp of searching for fashion for myself out there. There definitely is a move toward it from the major companies, and it's already been happening with smaller ones. With the smaller companies, cost is a big deterrent to someone like me. I just can't spend 100 bucks on some kick ass pants. Rather would play a great round.

  18. Nice topic. It is definitely cool to look sharp on the golf course but spending $100 bucks on golf pants is absurd. All the nicest stuff is too expensive. And yes, I hate shopping.

  19. I think that men like to look great on the golf course as well. Women's fashion does have a lot of options, but like you said, you are typically limited to what you can find in a pro shop. That is why I just launched to showcase the great women's golf lines that are out there. I have 3 lines now and will expand more in the fall. If it goes well, I will be carrying clothing for men in the future.

  20. I don't wear clothes that are much different on the course than what I wear normally, so I don't shop for golf specific clothing.

    My main focus is comfort. I try to make sure that things don't clash terribly and I like bright colours in my shirts. I've got some new ones this winter that have a more tropical feel to them and I'm looking forward to getting them out on the course soon.

    The biggest concern that I have about most golf fashion is the cost. That has been a barrier keeping me from the Greg Norman stuff back in the 90's (which I loved but couldn't afford). I haven't really looked at what is out there now.

  21. This is a great topic. And you know, near and dear to our hearts at

    There are several factors that should drive men toward taking an extra minute to think about how they dress for golf.

    First, we all grew up playing sports and doing activities (hiking, biking, bowling) that require sports specific clothes and footwear. So whether it's my five-year-old getting totally styled out (her doing, not mine, I promise) with pink headband, mesh jersey and pink shin guards for her soccer practices, or buying all sorts of accoutrements for your latest hobby, clothes and gear are part of the activity.

    Now, there are people who show up to play golf in running shoes. They're either first timers or so so not serious that they can't justify $80 for moderate priced golf shoes. That's okay. But there's a huge opportunity for sportswear and footwear manufacturers, as new people come to the game, to help them feel like they belong sooner rather than later.

  22. Of course we shop for golf clothes! Not only is it fun to wear cool clothes when playing, but feeling good about what you're wearing can also help raise confidence - always good for the game!

  23. I am definitely trying to reach the Ian Poulter look this year, but have a long way to go!

  24. I shop for golf clothes, and I care about the Brand :-) I am a man with passion for golf. Like Jerad posted her I have some stuff that I only wear when I go golfing

  25. Golf is one of those sports which results may depend on the types of clothes you wear. So when you want to play golf the whole idea is to be comfortable. So I think comfortable clothes are the first purity of every golfer.


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