Golf Apparel Debate - Do Men Shop for Golf Clothes?

First of all, this is a post in progress...a "to be continued" conversation starter that I'll be elaborating on later today and in days to come.

Here's the thing: there's no denying that women are looking better than ever on the golf course these days. While it's still a struggle to get ladies to take up the game...and stick with it... most would agree that once gals get into golf, they get into golf fashion too.

Even the most no-nonsense competitive female golfers are somewhat susceptible to a well stocked pro shop. Women (generalization alert) put thought into what they wear, and how they look on the golf course. And they have tons of options. Where not long ago was little in the way of stylish women's golf apparel available, there are now legions companies producing golf apparel that works. From from the traditional to the ultra-trendy. Be it high-tech and performance focused, or blatantly sexy and body hugging, a women can find her own personal golf style. And you see ample evidence of this, on the tour pros and on average golfers.

But what about the guys? Are they going in the opposite direction?

That's what this piece in the suggests. The Times Leader is a publication out of Wilkes Barre PA but I see evidence of a similar trend where I play. and that's in and around New York City.

So what's the deal? Are today's golf guys abandoning stylish for...stodgy, stale and stereotypical? Are monochromatic lg/xlg polo shirts, boxy Khaki shorts and a baseball cap the new normal? Are the fairway-fashionable influences of Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Sam Snead completely irrelevant today? Or do guys just hate to shop? I intend to explore this further as golf season gets underway. Any input (particularly with photos) is welcome.