The Real Guy's Golf Style Contest

Call for entries and additional details will be forthcoming, but the basic premise will be a look... an outfit...a style statement, worn by a real guy (not a professional golfer) and captured in a photo.

There'll be posting and voting and such (I've got to work out the details) but the end result will be a better idea of what's going on in golf apparel for the male recreational golfer: what's being worn...where and by who.

From the responses I've been getting there's a tremendous amount of variation - depending on the man, the course and the country - and contrary to what one might assume, there's a whole lot of interest.

And BTW women are definitely not indifferent to how guys look on-course, so gals, take this opportunity to show off the golf style of your significant other or weigh in on the awesome outfit of a random golfer you just happen to notice.

We'll certainly want to have several categories (good, bad... fugly?) and some seductive prizes. It's all in the works and I'll keep you posted. This should be fun.

*Cargo shorts can sometimes be controversial!