Golf and Makeup - The Conversation Continues

Thanks Ashley... for bringing that up.

We discussed the whole idea of makeup on the golf course a couple of weeks ago, and quite a scratch that...the majority of lady readers revealed that they play golf in full war paint...or at least a touch of tinted moisturizer...and why the *bleep* not?

A well-formulated foundation (or tinted moisturizer, if you will) actually protects the skin every bit as well as zinc-oxide did when it was opaque and white and adorned the noses and cheeks of the cutest lifeguards on the beach back in the 80s 90s.

Nowadays however, makeup can look totally natural. Um...I mean natural but better, which is what we want, right?

... And that's why many LPGA golfers wear full makeup, when they're playing in tournaments or pro-ams. As in: foundation, lips and eyes. Skin is protected, photos look better, confidence is's a win/win/win!

But...what to do about the dreaded shoulder smudge. Ji Young Oh, winner of the 2009 Sybase Classic, had it, I've had it too. So has Ashley who encouraged me to further explore this subject after leaving the above comment.

Ashley's solution of matching her clothing to her makeup may seem extreme...not to mention limiting... but it's certainly more economical than dry cleaning.

In the cooler weather, you can wear a water-resistant jacket (like the FootJoy model Ji Young was wearing) that can be cleaned with an alcohol-based product like Windex (remember a certain Greek wedding?) But it's the light colored sweaters and pastel polos one has to be careful of, and I'd go so far as to suggest avoiding such garments if you're planning on playing a competitive round in makeup.

The other solution would be simply not to wear makeup, and that's fine... for some people. Not for me.