Handsome, Multi-Talented and Plays Golf Naked

Decidedly, Hugh Jackman has it all going on.

His new movie, Wolverine, just had a HUGE opening, he's People Magazine's reigning "Sexiest Man Alive" and his sing-y, danc-y performance as host of the Oscars a couple of months ago was widely applauded.

They call him a triple threat, but beyond the above mentioned talents Hugh has a skill few are aware of: he's an ultra-talented golfer.

I'd read that he played, but he's got to be really good if he can do it with just a towel around his ... privates. Could you do that? I didn't think so. However there's photographic evidence, from back in the days when men actually had hair on their chests, that Mr. Jackman does...did...?

In any case, the photograph, with what I presume is a Australian sunset as a backdrop, was too lacivious artful weird not to share. I hope you enjoy it.

I just can't help wondering how that round ended.