PGA Tour Trending - Sean O'Hair and Bubba Watson's Hair

"Tiger Feasts on Quail"

Jay Busbee
had this delectable headline ready for his first post on Devil Ball this morning.

Unfortunately for Jay - and, I imagine, for countless other golf writers with Tiger titles at the ready - the predicted repast never happened. Instead the presumed predator wasn't even the first loser, a fact he himself reflected upon, after placing fourth.

In the end, it was the discreet Sean O'Hair who held up the whimsical birdbath trophy at Quail Hollow yesterday, despite a less than spectacular bogey/bogey finish.

Mr. O'Hair is an under-the-radar kind of guy anyway, and though he's very attractive and obviously one of the best golfers in the world, he's anything but flashy, and doesn't generate much in the way of buzz. Proof: despite his win yesterday, I didn't see him trending on Twitter. S.O'H tweets were few and far between, and they tended to look like this:

Respectful, professional and proper.

The same can't be said for BubbaTweets though. The inimitable, long hitting Bubba Watson, who also edged out Tiger yesterday when he tied with Lucas Glover for second, was, in fact, trending on Twitter.

And a though he played some excellent golf at Q.Hol, much of the BubbaCentric Twittering was not focused on golf, but on ...other aspects of Mr. Watson's persona. Like

You see what I mean? The thing is, this charismatic player has undergone a couple of rather radical stylistic transformations over the years as evidenced by the graphic below.

So, now that we're officially on the subject of Bubba Watson's hair, which Bubba do you like best?