Maneki Neko and My Awesome Qgroove Golf Bag

My Qgroove Golf Bag is without a doubt the most exciting accessory I own. It's playful and pretty and hot pink...and it never fails to cause a stir when it appears in a bag drop, surrounded by monochromatic men's bags or "please-take-me-seriously" ladies versions of same.

I know; the choice of a golf bag is highly personal, and there are many who may wish to emphasize functionality over ....flirtiness. That's fine, but the great thing about Qgroove bags is the fact that they're both highly functional AND over-the-top-statement-making-stylish. All rolled into one.

My bag features Maneki Neko, a flirtatious feline reputed to bring good fortune (and all kinds of other wonderful things)... so, I naturally have great expectations for the 2009 golf season.

There are a number of other striking styles available. Each one, a limited edition of only 100 pieces worldwide... each one handmade with a unique serial number & personalized embroidered name tag.

The Qgroove website presents the collection of golf bags and duffel bags very well, and includes the story behind each stunning style. They also have a Facebook fan page.

I'm finishing up a fun video on my own purrr-fect Qgroove bag, and should have it up here within a week or so. In the meantime have a look at the luscious line at


  1. Patricia likes flirty accessories?!?!

    Well, the cat's finally out of the bag. Kinda.

    This post doesn't get categorized under "Bulletin," Pat, but no doubt lots of women will follow your lead, you being the alpha cat.

  2. I'm looking for some cute shoes, what kind do you wear? Mine look like orthopedic shoes and they throw my whole outfit off!

  3. I'm guessing Patricia's golf shoe of choice is Footjoy of Sex, custom made. But her husband insists she remove the spikes whenever she wears them to bed.

  4. Hi Patricia!
    Thanks for the lovely feature!
    And for joining the Fan Page on Facebook!


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