POP - The Perfect Golf Course Pick-Me-Up

Please, Miss Cart Girl, this is what I want:

1. A pleasurable, teasing wine that meets the finest intentions.

2. A provocative and impertinent wine whose distinction singles it out.

3. An innovative wine that will leave no one indifferent.

I want POP. It's a stylish pink champagne from the venerable Pommery Estate and it's available in single serving bottles... so I hope to be sipping it during my twilight rounds this summer.

I've got a call in to the powers that be at Cafe on the Green and I'm looking forward to find POP in the beer cart at Richter Park sometime soon.

And speaking of pink champagne... my all time favorite tipple... check out the blog by Anthony Dias Blue on the subject of the "flirtatious" rose colored libation. Anthony is a James Beard Foundation Award winner and produces wine events all over the world. He can now be found regularly in his own Blue Lifestyle space at my favorite social site, CocktailMatch.


  1. I drank that POP once from a hotel mini-bar (I was young & I was experimenting).

    My liver still hates me for it...and my taste buds...and my inner alcoholic.

  2. Maybe Pop is what I need. Had some health issues. Painful, but not serious. Ok now. Missed your tweets and blogs. Need to catch up!! Hope you are well. I tweet blasted TPTB a couple times over the fact I spent much time in Jersey the last couple weeks and no presence of next week's Sybase that I could see. I was only about half an hour from the course. Signs are not a huge expense.

  3. I like POP too, Pat.

    We're joined at the sip, so to speak.

    Perhaps this coming payday we'll have POP & fresh dough.

    (Ya gotta say that fast, then groan once you've gotten the lame pun.)

  4. 1. Ripple 2. Thunderbird 3. All others

  5. It's the cute straw that comes with POP that makes it a perfect choice for the course.

  6. I'm a bit naive. It REALLY comes with a straw hat Heather?

  7. Ahh. Straw. Not straw hat. Need to work on my reading comprehension. Hee-hee.

  8. Jesss Kidding5/09/2009 2:05 PM

    I'd compare your reading comprehension to being the last straw but I don't think you'd grasp the meaning.

  9. I did have a strawberry shake for breakfast. Not sure it will help my comprehension.


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