The New York City Golf Date Made Simple

Golf can be hard to find in New York City.

It tends to lurk in the outer boroughs on quaint, quirky, courses that hide in plain site. Access from Manhattan inevitably requires a mass transit trek or an automobile.

Dating in New York, from what I hear, can also be fraught with difficulties and disappointments.

However, if you find yourself on the island of Manhattan tomorrow night and you happen to like golf... and you're in the mood for some form of social interaction... there is a solution: it's called Date Night at the Golf Club.

It may sound staid and suburban, but it's not.

The venue is awesome, a multi-tiered marvel on the Hudson. The stalls face the river, so you're actually launching your drives at New Jersey (some would take pleasure in that fact alone).

There's always an animated, high-energy crowd at Chelsea Piers golf events. And anyone/everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level or relationship status. You'll also find an open wine and beer bar plus snacks, and for those who seriously want to work on their swing, teaching pros will be on hand to offer free instruction. Then there's open hitting on the range, so you can get lots of practice in... if you're not too busy socializing. The whole package is just $30.00 too.

So, if you find yourself in or near Manhattan tomorrow night, why not head for the Hudson, and Chelsea Piers' Date Night at the Golf Club.