Golf Envy Comes in Many Colors ...


...and for a very limited time, it's on sale!

This doesn't happen often, so if you've been tempted to splurge on one of Qgroove's stunning Limited Edition Cart Bags now's the time to do it.

Here's the deal: Now through Saturday, August 1st, when you buy 1 Qgroove Limited Edition Cart bag ($ 895) you'll also receive - FREE - an adorable matching Duffel Bag ($265).

To order, simply go to, choose your favorite Cart bag design and make payment online.

Each design is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide. Each bag is handmade & comes with a unique serial number & personalized embroidered name tag. Takes typically 6-8 weeks for delivery. Therefore if you order by July 1st, you will receive your golf bag by August 15th. If you order by August 1st, you will receive it by September 15th. Both the Cart & the Stand bags will come in a stylish branded Qgroove carrying case.
...And, shipping is also Free.

I've written about my own Qgroove bag in the past. I love it, and enjoy the many colors of envy that come my way when I carry it. ...Certainly no one's going to be envying my golf scores lately.


  1. They're the most colorful golf bags I've ever seen. That's a nice contrast to all the dull corporate bags covered with logos.

  2. This changes everything: Baggers CAN be choosers.

  3. $900 for a golf bag. thats just wrong

  4. Chief Bags-Under-His-Eyes6/10/2009 12:23 PM

    I remember the Qgroove bag pic you showed us a few weeks ago, but the middle bag on the left column is the pinkest of pinks.

    That's your Q, so to speak, if you ask me, Patricia, and yes, I realize you didn't ask me.

  5. Not only do my sister Naria and i like the bags, we LOVE the new tic-tac-toe board.

    We've been racking our brains for weeks trying to remember how to reconstruct the damn things.

    Now to decide which letters go inside those little boxes. P's and Q's, pretty sure.

  6. The design is exceptional and it's as much a collector's item as it is a golf bag.

    I'm married to a lady who thinks nothing of dropping a $900 on a pair of Manolos (somehow I always end up with the high maintenance ones).

  7. I'm high maintenance too...but I'd happily sacrifice my next pair of Manolos for that cherry blossom bag. ;)

  8. Chief Dishes-Out-Compliments6/10/2009 3:24 PM

    Chief knows good headline/lead when Chief sees one.

    "Golf envy comes in many colors and ... it's on sale!"

    Chief just saw one.

  9. Ashgolf, you'll be sacrificing left and right.

    Are you sure you're up to the task?

  10. Chief On-the-Lookout6/10/2009 5:00 PM

    All those adjectives below and nary an "awesome"? Okay, who are you and what have you done with the real Golf Girl?

    splurge on one of Qgroove's STUNNING Limited Edition Cart Bags

    an ADORABLE matching Duffel Bag ($265).

    bags will come in a STYLISH branded Qgroove carrying case.

  11. Patricia, does your buying a second Qgroove bag mean your dad's new lawn mower is getting clipped?

  12. I got the Koinobori Black (bottom right), August of last year, and I don't regret buying it. It's an awesome bag... my golf clubs will come and go, but the bag stays! :)

    ...too bad it didn't come with a free duffel bag last year.


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