Do I Have to Do a Post on Father's Day Golf Gifts?

You see, my own father never played golf.

He was very athletic, but I suppose there were just too many sports competing for his attention; he played, football, basketball and baseball in high school and was voted Most Athletic in his class.

Dad was injured playing minor league baseball and ultimately became a PE teacher. He coached high school teams and was an avid cyclist as well as an enthusiastic sailor. He shared those hobbies with us growing up and we have great memories of summer days on Long Island Sound and pedaling through the pastoral Connecticut countryside. No golf, however.

Golf... I discovered and fell in love with on my own. And that was OK in the end. But when Father's Day rolls around I sometimes wish I did have a golfing dad because...I seem to find myself drawn to gifts with a golf theme.

Tiffany's always has unique and wonderful golf gifts. Elegant silver pens, key rings and money clips embellished with tiny irons and golf balls. Or a tubular sterling golf ball holder with matching tee and divot fixer. I guess you always take more pleasure in giving a gift you'd actually like to receive.

As it is, I'll probably offer Dad something practical, like the new lawn mower he's been wanting for a while. Turns out I've never had the slightest desire for a lawn mower, so I keep putting off the trip to Sears. I'll try to get there tomorrow.

Ironically, I don't think I'd ever put off a trip to Tiffany's.