Golf & Giving - An Awesome Event & a New Golf Blog

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The weather was as good as it gets, the course was in pristine condition and we played really well. Um...at least some of us did.

In any case, though, everyone had an awesome time yesterday at Emil's Charity Classic. The event supports autism research and takes place each year in conjunction with Walk Now for Autism, which is taking place all over the US right now. These are the signature fund raising efforts of Autisim Speaks the main US non-profit organization for those affected by this disorder.

The ECC took place at the Doral Arrowwood in Rye Brook, NY. Doral Golf Club is a nine hole course that's quite a spectacular, with lots of elevation and undulation. The course was designed by Robert von Hagge, who also created the Blue Monster in Miami...in fact, it's sometimes known as the Little Blue Monster. It has all of von Hagge's trademark bunkers and water hazards, so much so that it's been cited as one of the most difficult nine-hole courses in the country, which might not be so good for players like me some players were in not for the forward tees that make it completely suitable for a highish handicap golfer who relishes creative and varied shots. It's a well designed track.

A group of amazing volunteers worked for months to put together and execute the kind of event that not only raised funds for a laudable charity, but also created lasting memories and increased engagement for its participants. Local businesses, large and small, also stepped up, donating products an services to make it all work. It's such a win-win and it's a huge part of what golf is in the US (and it many places around the world) today. The fact is, golf gives back in a huge way.

To that end, and inspired by yesterday, I'm starting a new blog...or bloggish type thing...to highlight the golf-charity connection. Simply put, it'll be a way to get the word out about all the awesome ways golf gives back. And in these times, when golf is so often blindly accepted as a symbol of corporate greed, it'll allow this great game to shine, and show off its generosity. More details to come during the week.

BTW - The Tap-in Twins were unable to muster up any of their usual putting prowess yesterday. Oh well, sometimes the flat stick just won't cooperate. We still had fun.