Golf Graphics - A Decade of US Open Logos


Creating a logo for an event like the US Open is a formidable task.

After all, it not only commemorates a hallowed golf venue and a major athletic event, it's also what most quantifiably remains of the year's championship. Long after galleries have dispersed and the players moved on to other competitions.

The US Open logo adorns almost everything in the merchandise pavilion and will be taken home by thousands on caps and visors, golf towels and shirts...all manner of shirts.

World Golf
has a bit of the back story on the logo, and on Lee Wybranski, considered one of today's top golf artists.


  1. You got me studying logo rhythms again.

    I failed last time. This was much easier.

  2. This year's logo is very nice...I like it better than 2002. Have fun at the tournament!

  3. The Vivaldi in the background is a nice touch ;o)

  4. Chief Plays-With-Trains6/15/2009 7:29 PM

    A lady friend of mine asked me to buy a 2009 Bethpage T-shirt for her.

    I suspect she has a logo motive, but who cares? She's got a great caboose.

  5. Best comment from you yet, Chief. How was Monday at Bethpage golf girl?

  6. I'd love to see the US Open at Congressional again. Great golf course, a lot of history, and you gotta love the Capitol rotunda in the logo.

  7. Nice post, Pat, but did you have to get so graphic?

  8. TXQ you are definitely on fire! But I love Paul's Congressional idea--I guess I'm still a DC girl at heart. I promise the first round of blogger drinks would be on me at the H Street CC.

  9. And the first round of lager drinks would be on me, beer being much cheaper.

  10. Heather, I'd also drink you under the table after two rounds, thus providing a cozy meet-up for you with One-Eyed.

    A little nudge should wake him up.


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