US Open to Be Played in British Open Conditions?

We're used to weather in the Northeastern United least somewhat used to it.

We've been known to have a week of rain in June...or July. Humidity, and the ensuing thunderstorms, are quite common too. But still, we have enough good days that we tend to plan outdoor weddings and huge cookouts, without really acknowledging that the plans may have to be... altered.

The next couple of days look fine but it's looking a bit dicey beyond that. The intrepid golf writers at Newsday, whose office is just a couple minutes from the course, reminded me that 2002's US Open, held at the same venue, was a rather soggy affair as well. But we're all hoping for the best. The way we look at it, weather can always change...and golf is more interesting when the weather comes into play, that's part of the challenge.

I'm not sure I agree with the interesting part, but rain always seems to be a factor at the British Open...remember Royal Blustery Birkdale last year? Ample Argyle Sweaters and multi-colored umbrellas were the order of the tournament, even woolen skull caps were common.

We'll see what we'll be wearing this weekend. In the meantime, before I forget, is live blogging and posting up-to-the-minute news & feature stories... and they definitely bring an unparalleled insider's perspective.

Now I'm going on up to the attic to get out some of those winter clothes. The tiny little sundresses I planned to wear to try to impress Sergio might not be appropriate. Damn.