My Really Quick 2009 US Open Pick(s)

I'm making this really quick because it's currently 1:30AM, and I'm half falling asleep. Plus play begins in just a few hours.

Let me clarify a few things first:

If Tiger wins... I'm happy. No matter where, no matter when, and no matter what the circumstances. I'm one of those people. I never actually pick Tiger to win... that would be too predictable, but I always feel great when he does. I think most people do.

I do think a Sergio win... here and now... would be awesome. His history with this venue is so tumultuous, and the fact that he's still working on his first major as he approaches age 30... well that's created an air of urgency.

That said, I do have a favorite for the 2009 US Open; my all around favorite golfer, Vijay Singh. No one's really talking about him here, but Vijay's been known to climb the leaderboard when he's been written off. Why not this time? Here's a small clip from Bethpage where Irene Eng caught up with him earlier in the week.