A Bedimpled Lexus Golf Ball Car at the US Open

The effect of golfball-style dimples on aerodynamic surfaces has been studied in countless classrooms, and pondered in product development meetings, the world over.

Golf balls are inevitably the inspiration for most such conversations, as the tiny indentations on their surface are universally accepted as key to increased speed and lift in flight. The hope has always been that a similar texture applied to a race car, plane or speedboat would equally increase velocity. In fact, over a year ago I wrote about an automotive design contest where the winning entry wore dimples.

At the US Open this week Lexus is showing off a unique, bedimpled version of it LS 460L, clearly inspired by a golf ball. The surprising story of how this one-of-a-kind car came to be is told at Lexus Enthusiast.

If you attend the US Open you don't want to miss the the Lexus Performance Drive Tent where a number of new vehicles will be on display. Personally, I have my sights set on the new IS Convertible. In Mica Matador Red. Top down, clubs in the trunk... that's how I see my future.