A Tempestuous Golfer Explained - Sergio Garcia

For a number of reasons Sergio Garcia is huge news at this US Open.

His every move is being analyzed... by golf fans and journalists alike... all anxious to see if his 2009 experience will be as vociferous as the one he had at Bethpage in 2002. Oceans of ink have been spilled on Sergio speculation, which may or may not be to your liking.

However, whether you're a fan or not, there is one Sergio story you shouldn't miss; It's Randall Mell's piece, "An Uneasy Return", for Golf Channel. In it Mr. Mell discusses the dichotomy of Sergio Garcia and perceptively points out that in many cases, the very features that make him endearing are those that make us loathe him.

Right now I'm waiting to see how the crowd reacts when play begins on Thursday. Thus far Sergio's attitude has been humble and response to him has been reserved. One gets the impression that everyone's trying to make this work. However it seems a fragile peace, and pens are undoubtedly poised to report any discord. There will be pressure leading up to that tee time, and Sergio will certainly feel it. How he'll respond is anyone's guess, but as Randall Mell points out, in order to prevail at Bethpage this year, Sergio will need to call upon every element of his famously defiant spirit.

(Photo by Kathy Kmonicek / June 16, 2009)