Age Before Beauty - Happy Third Birthday OobGolf!

We won't be celebrating our blogging birthday till September, but for our friends at Oobgolf it's this weekend. Hence the age before beauty thing... as in: they're old and we're beautiful. And remember, 1 blog year = 15 human years, so they're officially middle aged.

Anyway, Oob for those few who don't know, Oob is a golf social networking site focused on providing golfers with free online tools to track, analyze, and share their progress. And, they're continually improving their platform. Recently they've added:

PRIVATE ACCOUNTS - If you're feeling shy about sharing your scores with everyone, which I can totally relate to, a private account will allow you to restrict viewing of your scores to friends only.

EMAIL SETTINGS - You can now fine tune the emails you get from Oob in their new email settings area.

CLUB FROM TEE REPORT - A new club selection chart is now live in all accounts.

OOBGOLF ADDICT - New stats have been added like 3-putt avoidance, chips, putts after chip, wasted pars & birdies, o.b. penalties, and more. Plus...They're giving away a TaylorMade R9 Driver on August 3rd - signup for Oobgolf Addict before then to be eligible.

EQUIPMENT RANKINGS - Do you ever want to see see what individual pieces of equipment are performing best within each handicap group? Ok.

TWITTER FEED - If you're a social media evangelist like I am, you'll be happy to know that Oobgolf now integrates with both facebook and twitter.

Visit Oobgolf to see it all. And wish them a Happy Birthday while you're at it.