Christina Kim Sets Aside the Instant Gratification

With direction from her Dad and inspiration from Lee Trevino, Christina Kim finds herself in second place heading into the final round of the RICOH Women's British Open.

It must have taken quite a balancing act for this player... known as one of the LPGA's most animated, and an admitted fan of instant gratification... to follow her father's advice to be patient.

I'm paraphrasing here, but basically what dad told daughter going into Saturday's round was: embrace the birdies, accept the bogeys and take one shot at a time. Simple, sensible advice, but certainly easier said than done, specially when you tend to get teed off on the golf course like Christina admits to doing. In fact Christina recently revealed that her heart-on-sleeve style was reinforced by years of watching Lee Trevino.

On a fashion note, I was extremely impressed with her second round outfit. I love the sleek black-on-black-with-a-tiny-jolt-of-color and I love that it looks really warm and comfortable without looking bulky. I happen to hate cold weather, but Christina's outfit actually made me look forward to playing winter golf... for a couple of seconds at least.

The truth is, I've been a Cristina Kim fan for ages, so I'm just pretty darn ecstatic to see her there where she is this Saturday night.

For a closer look at this LPGA star's unique personality check out the videos (part I and part II) she made with Stephanie Wei of Wei Under Par.

Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images Europe