Golf Girl Media is Back... on Jason Sadler's Back

About 6 months ago an affable fellow by the name of Jason Sadler spent the day wearing a Golf Girl Media shirt.

You may remember him from that day. He played at Sawgrass with what appeared to be a single rusty iron. Then he did other things that guys do during the course of the day like eat and drive and work around his house. He made some videos and took so photos. I made a couple of videos too and we posted them on blogs and facebook. We had a contest too, with a Golf Girl gift basket as a prize. Then we Twittered about it all and created a kind of social media narative around GGM.

Well, it was so much fun I decided to do it again. Jason will be wearing my shirt for the day again tomorrow. I have no idea what we'll do but I'm pretty sure it'll be fun.
So tune in tomorrow and follow along.IWYS Day