Golf's "Miss Beer Cart" Requires Diverse Driving Skills

It's a tense time in the world of women's professional golf.

Sponsor losses... and the ensuing fallout... have resulted in a golf press feeding frenzy and left players to field a barrage of delicate questions on the eve of the Women's U.S. Open.

So I found it oddly refreshing when I surfed on to the stellar golf blog, Me and Old Man Par and found a story about the upcoming election of "Miss Beer Cart".

I've come to count on the often whimsical, always well-written posts of Charles Boyer to brighten my afternoons. And after this ultra-busy, somewhat stressful day, his pithy post on the Miss Beer Cart Competition really hit the spot. Like an ice cold barley soda. ✩

"No Beverage Carts were destroyed during the taking of this photo but copious quantities of Michelob Pomegranate were consumed" ❀ Photograph:©Golf Girl Media