The U.S. Women's Open Week Is Underway

There's lots going on in the Lehigh Valley this week! I plan to be in Pennsylvania on Friday, at beautiful Saucon Valley Country Club, and look forward to bringing you my perspective on the U.S. Women's Open action.

Meanwhile, sites to go to for info and updates, as well as tickets are:
the U.S. Women's Open Tournament site
the U.S. Women's Open, USGA Site

And, as you probably know, Mostly Harmless and Hound Dog LPGA are the definitive blogs for LPGA coverage. Each has a dedication to women's professional golf that goes way beyond average...and they present it in a way that's both informative and engaging.

If you like your updates short and sweet @US_Womens_Open has Girls Golfers of Lehigh Valley twittering. ~ Yesterday they twittered from the Kids Club, a kind of VIP area for kids in the middle of the action, with interactive games and a practice putting green. ~ Today they're covering Women’s Sports Foundation and Adopt-a-Player events...and doing an awesome job.

And I know something about twittering a tournament, namely that it's more difficult than it seems...at least for me was. I had every intention of providing regular updates from Bethpage and the Travelers but I tended to get so distracted by what was going on around me that I'd forget to tweet...for like, the whole day. Epic fail.

I'll try to do better on Friday, the Lehigh Girls Golfers have inspired me.