Golf on Crete - Two Days, Two Courses ... To Come


...and I even managed some time at the beach. The real beach, not the bunkers (spent some time there too).

Now however, I'm back in Athens, and the city is teaming with returning vacationers. Everywhere you look you get a sense of the end of summer, though warm weather often prevails till late October and even the winter months are mild compared to ours in New England. The golf courses are open... and enjoyed... all year round too.

I'll be posting on the Crete courses in the coming days. Right now we're heading to a friends Kolonaki apartment for dinner. We may try to get another round in at Glyfada tomorrow before taking off for home on Sunday.

It's been an awesome trip, one that's given me a better understanding of the universal nature of perceptions (and misconceptions) about golf and how passionate golfers... in all corners of the world, it seems... are dealing with them.

Το Γκολφ στην Ελλάδα, Greek Golf Tourism