Golf Travel Can Easily Become Addictive

I'm back in my Connecticut office this morning going through the myriad photos and videos from my two awesome weeks of travel in Greece.

The sun soaked days flew by. As expected were ultra-impressed by the historical relics and picturesque beaches the country is known for, but we also discovered a nascent golf culture that's setting the stage for a significant growth in golf tourism here in the coming years. Over the next days I'll be posting about the resorts I visited... and as we head into 2010 I'll covering some of the exciting new golf developments in Greece.

I'll also be traveling to other amazing places where golf tourism is developing... and, while playing in Greece, I think we may have discovered a perfect destination for our next golf travel adventure:

We were on the terrace at the delightful Crete Golf Club having drinks after our afternoon round and noticed an attractive couple of stylish seniors (looking like they just stepped out of a Cialis ad - minus the bathtubs) seated next to us. They were having an animated discussion about the Course we'd all just played. It wasn't long before they engaged us in their conversation and we came to find out that though they were indeed from the US, (Grosse Pointe, MI, originally) they now lived in Central America, in Panama to be exact. They explained that Panama, like Greece, has discovered the wonder of golf... and the benefits of golf tourism.

It seems that quite a number of North Americans are choosing to retire in this Central American country and take advantage of it's great weather, Atlantic and Pacific Beaches, low taxes, and According to our new ex-Michigan friends, millions have been spent recently to make Panama a first-class golf destination and the courses are amazing. While we're not ready to relocate at this point they told us that there were some fabulous Panama hotels and resorts that would be perfect for a golf trip.

So as I lay the ground work for a January golf escape I'll definitely be thinking Panama. Maybe we'll even get to see those matching bathtubs.

Photos: Greece Golf Travel on a BMW Bike & Porto Rafti Church © GolfGirlMedia ❀ Το Γκολφ στην Ελλάδα, Greek Golf Tourism