Golf Notes from Greece & The PGA Championship

Admittedly it's a country more famous for gods and goddesses than golf, but for the next two weeks I'll be posting from Greece where I'm on a workation that'll combine business with pleasure.

Greece has a long tradition in sports - after all, it's the country that invented the Olympics - and at a time when golf is poised to become an Olympic sport, Greece is on its way to becoming a medal-worthy golf destination with the Spring 2010 opening of Costa Navarino, a spectacular, state-of-the-art resort complex on a pristine stretch of the Ionian sea in the southwest Peloponnese region. I'll be writing about this ambitious undertaking, and will be covering courses near Athens and on a couple of Greek Islands.

Meanwhile, as I managed my jet lag and got my internet/blackberry coverage set up, the PGA Championship came to its surprising ... no... stunning conclusion. I didn't hear about it until about 3:00AM, when I awoke to the clipped voice of a CNN International reporter announcing the upset. Fearless was the descriptive I read most frequently in the golf media this morning describing Mr. Yang's come-from-behind victory. As I see it, this tenacious, hard working champion will almost certainly have a more significant impact on the future of golf than all three of the other 2009 major winners combined, due to the unique nature of his country's relationship to golf ...and its place in the world today.

Well, I'm debating: writing vs. beach....Ok, see you later.