The Sharpie Marker - A Versatile Golf Accessory

I've always loved markers.
While other art students toiled with a water color wash, or methodically assembled a mixed media collage, I'd grab a fist full of felt tips and take my inspiration from the pure, Disneyesque colors. Oh I tried other mediums, but always came back to the redolent pens that seemed to simplify...and amplify... the creative process.

That however was back in elementary school where I temporarily abandoned my artistic aspirations. By the time I was inspired to create art again, computers had become ubiquitous, and I suddenly had access to many millions of colors that could be transformed, texturized or erased with little more than a mouse click.

When I started playing golf however, I rediscovered the joy of marker art, using Sharpies to decorate mark my balls. I collected the full arsenal of colors and found that ball marking could actually be a creative outlet. OK, one time I went overboard and turned my ball into such an overwhelming orgy of color that it hurt my eyes to look at it. Needless to say, that resulted in some less than stellar shots. But I learned from the experience and now observe a self-imposed three color maximum rule.

In addition to decorating and distinguishing my balls, I use Sharpies with my Line-M-Up which gives me some much needed guidance on the green. And when I go to ProAms and tournaments, they're great for autographs; on balls, caps (Padraig Harrington used one to sign the cap I'm wearing above), gloves, programs... even on skin.

Sharpie is social too. Very social. In addition to their excellent corporate website, they have Sharpie Uncapped, a site full of ideas and contests and colorful...whatnots. Then there's the highly engaging Sharpie Blog, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel and a Flickr group. I know. It doesn't get much more social than that. Sharpie simply excels a social media... in large part because of their astute, on-staff social media evangelist, Susan Wassel, aka. @sharpiesusan. Yes, of course they're on Twitter.

Well, I'm playing a twilight round a bit later... I've got to go decorate mark my ball.